Sports & Entertainment Law (Litigation)

We counsel athletes, sports associations, athletic vendors, musicians, artists, media personalities, and others in the sports and entertainment business. We help such clients make sound business and legal decisions that minimize exposure, protect their marketability, and facilitate their future successes. To counsel on this broad scope, we draw from a cross-section of areas including litigation, commercial transactions and finance, securities, employment, real estate, intellectual property, tax, estate planning and wealth management.


Talent Representation
Baratta, Baratta & Aidala advises entertainers, athletes, media personalities and coaches on legal issues with the goal of helping to protect their valuable tangible and intangible assets now and in the future. We help to guide wise decision-making discreetly and confidentially by utilizing our experience in the issues facing high-net worth individuals, such as agent agreements, contract negotiations, licensing, estate planning, private equity investing, endorsement agreements, charitable foundations, workers comp/personal injury litigation and salary arbitration.


Intellectual Property
Our protection of high-profile individuals and organizations continues into the intellectual property arena, whereby we handle copyright and trademark registrations, Internet commerce and social media counseling. When necessary, we litigate in response to disputes pertaining to intellectual property rights.