Employment Law

Baratta, Baratta & Aidala has experienced business and litigation attorneys who use their exhaustive knowledge of federal and state employment laws to counsel clients on every aspect of the employment relationship.


  •        Our attorneys help clients identify areas of legal risk arising in connection with employment actions and decisions, and proactively assist clients in taking steps to minimize those risks by preparing and reviewing employee handbooks, establishing legally compliant hiring and compensation systems, developing appropriate workplace policies and procedures, and drafting employment, non-competition and dispute resolution agreements.
  •        Our attorneys have particular expertise in protecting client assets from unlawful employee activities, and regularly help clients develop and enforce agreements to protect against unauthorized disclosure of confidential information and trade secrets, raiding of customers and employees, and unfair competition. We also advise employees on their employment related rights and obligations.
  •        Our attorneys provide employment law counseling on day to day human resources issues, such as documenting employee discipline and performance problems, conducting sexual harassment or other workplace investigations, employee problem prevention, medical and other leave practices and procedures, and employment termination counseling.
  •         Where litigation is advisable or unavoidable, we are fully prepared to represent our clients in all types of employment disputes in federal and state courts, including litigation involving claims of wrongful termination, unlawful discrimination, retaliation, wage and hour violations, and employment contract disputes.
  •         Our attorneys also have experience representing clients in arbitration and mediation proceedings and before federal and state administrative agencies.